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Company adds Automated Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Technology to companies Drone Area Clearance (DAC) procedures to improve safety and situational awareness before each mission

DURANGO, CO - May 12, 2020| 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | successfully flight tested a flight and traffic information system using ADS-B In technology. The company will fly ADS-B In technology on it’s drones to improve safety and situational awareness before each mission.


The company has added new DAC  operating procedures to require the | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U |  Part 107 pilots to  access Flight Information Service–Broadcast (FIS-B) and review graphical weather text-based advisories, including Notices to Airmen and significant weather activity as part of their DAC procedures. FIS-B requirements must be part of the DAC only if an ADS-B ground station is within range.

The pilots must also review the Traffic Information (AIR-to-AIR) Service–Broadcast (TIS-B), which provides altitude, ground track, speed and distance of aircraft flying within a 15-nautical mile radius, up to 3,500 feet above the receiving sUAS drone position.

“Our ADS-B In-equipped drones can see the location of surrounding aircraft using ADS-B Out technology. Our pilots will also have access to graphic weather creating an environment of situational awareness and crucial see-and-avoid capability. ADS-B In also transmits notices of important flight information, such as temporary flight restrictions.” said Jay Shears, Founder.

”The highly precise GPS-based surveillance provided by ADS-B also improves the ability to perform life-saving search and rescue missions.”

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