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Connecting the dots to realize desired outcomes from actionable insights derived from autonomous SaaS | RaaS | Data Capture and aerial imaging.

FAA Part 107 and FAA DronePro Certified
FEMA/DHS ICS/NIMS 100/200/700 Certified
NAIS Radiometric Thermography Certified
OSHA-30 Construction Certified


    There are significant opportunities for drones to be used for good. Drone technology is at a point where human operators can press ‘go’ and autonomous drones can do the work.

    We service the four corners area where it is perfect for drones to improve safety, maximize productivity and lower operational costs for the commerce and public safety in the region.

    Drones can provide important data that can be used to create actionable insights with minimal risk, maximized productivity and even mitigate problems in GPS-denied areas without putting human lives at risk.

    We are very active in discovering new applications, where drones can be used to develop outcome-based digital processes without the usual expensive supporting infrastructure.

    We use cloud-based integrated software with our drones, that can be customized and adapted for every drone mission to realize the desired outcomes for our clients. The applications are endless.

    For example, our company has a drone that's valuable for Public Safety, with both Radiometric InfraRed Thermography and Artificial Intelligence. This innovative technology will search for the color and radiometric temperature value of an object or person. Our drones will cover a lot of acreage quickly, at a fraction of the cost of other aerial alternatives. 

    Here is an example of a person last seen wearing a blue jacket.  The specific pixel color value can be used to find the precise GPS location of the color value that's been derived from the drone mission data.

    Also, the radiometric thermography (infra-red) software embedded in the drone will set off an alarm to the mission pilot when the preset temperature value has been located and provide the precise location of the object. 

    The drone can also capture ultra hi-resolution videos and photographs, and send critical rescue information through a  "live stream" interface with the incident command post to optimize the mission.

    We strive to help the good of the communities and industries we serve by localizing new aerial technologies for our clients specific applications. We hope to distinguish ourselves as an aerial services leader in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

    About Jay Shears; founder

    “I like to characterize myself as a ‘Technopreneur’,” said Jay Shears, founder.

    Jay is the co-inventor of a number of IoT (‘Internet of Things’) patents related to gathering data through wireless networks, from sensors attached to a body. Nike acquired the entire patent portfolio.

    Jay has also earned a number of aviation credentials and has relevant experience from an extensive professional aviation and aerospace background; working with global companies like GE Digital and Honeywell Aerospace.

    Jay and his wife, Cheryl, moved to Durango, Colorado in 2018. He sees Southwest Colorado as the ideal place to discover new drone environmentally friendly applications | 4U |. 

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