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| 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | connects the dots | 4U | to realize your desired aerial digital outcomes using aviation technology, workshops and services. “We’ll take the time to understand your initiative. Then, use our certified expertise and partners to offer a wide range of customizable aviation digital resources that will deliver results | 4U |”...said founder Jay Shears.


  • | VIDEOGRAPHY | 4U | - We will capture stunning aerial footage and create above & beyond videography with a satisfaction guarantee that it will meet your expectations. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

  • | PHOTOGRAPHY | 4U | - Our high resolution drone camera will create MLS ready indoor/outdoor professional photography | 4U |.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

  • | PHOTOGRAMMETRY | 4U | - Capture aerial photography to measure distances between objects. The software we use can render and create the desired 3D maps and models for surveying, construction, agriculture, public safety, mining and education. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

  • | PAPERLESS MITIGATION | -  In aviation, services must be managed to the highest utilization of “things” and people as possible. | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | will help your aircraft maintenance or airport operation become smart by mitigating your technician and mechanic safety risks, and provide you with paperless actionable insights that will increase your efficiency and lower your operational costs. Our digital transformation experts will focus on providing you with paperless options that will safely help you set priorities for reactive service; make choices, plan audits, analyze data, implement corrective actions for preventive and condition-based service; and forecast failures for predictive service. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

  • | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4 AMERICA |During this COVID-19 Pandemic, | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | is  working to support and serve local communities through a | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4 | AMERICA | initiative; volunteering all the | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | aerial services to businesses, public safety and residents impacted by COVID-19.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

  • | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U DAC SERVICES | -  Drone Area Clearance (DAC) services for our customers will generate a mission report before a drone flight to help our customers with an understanding of any variables and/or anomalies that might interfere or disrupt a mission. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
  • | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U SEARCH AND RESCUE | - Our aerial services are FAA Part 107 compliant and we fly the most advanced small unmanned aircraft systems. We support the SAR teams with immediate aerial intelligence services and guide optimal response to protect people, property and animals. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


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