Young professionals are creating a business genesis, transforming the culture with radically innovative thinking


This is particularly true for aviation.  The long-form content that once helped the aviation industry understand “what is” better, is changing into an eco-system of intellectual and personal social skills, focused on a simple binary desire for “what it should be”.  

The intuitions and inspirations of young aviation professionals are being rewired to create simple positive outcomes from an immersive, engaging, rapid-fire, hyperconnected business culture, honed with the need for instant gratification.

Memorization by data with actionable insights for predictive analysis is the new “eye candy” to solve problems. The hyper-connected young professional has instant access to all of human knowledge with incredible opportunities to connect, create and collaborate. They have become a hyper-geographically diverse, free-agent, with a desire to be connected, via collaborative social media platforms.


As humans, we tend to be attracted to where the energy is. We are the only species on this planet that can construct a reality in our mind, then go build it. The young professional is nurtured by the social media they consume and is transformed by the gratification of the data they receive.

The aviation industry is currently suffering from a severe shortage of these young aviation professionals. Many experts in aviation are now calling for the reinvention of aviation education to help avoid the pitfalls of the hyper-connected professional aviation lifestyle.

Experiential one-to-one mentoring programs are an effective way to provide the needed intervention to these young professionals across a number of aviation segments. | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | has initiated one such mentoring referral program, leveraging decades of experience from accredited Master Instructors to benefit aspiring young aviation professionals. The Master Instructors mentorship will impart diversity, values, diplomacy, experience and a can-do attitude that leverages the student, as their own true competitor.

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Jay Shears is the founder of | 2TAKEFLIGHT | 4U | ; an aviation technology, workshop and services resource. He has over two decades of global leadership experience in Marketing, SaaS, Business Development, Technology Development, Intellectual Property, Patents, Regulatory Affairs, Strategy, New Product Introduction and Product Management.