By Jay Shears | January 6, 2020


An aptitude for change, innovation and technology is only as good as its appetite for creativity, ideation and tenacity. Today, most aerospace development seemingly requires these passionable insights, despite the built-in system obstacles.

In the aerospace industry, there are mass cultural shifts in technology, standards, regulations and professionals underway, that are changing the change, with new rules. This is new disruptive thinking.

Stakeholders, have also chosen to leverage social and viral “leading edge” strategies that will accelerate tomorrows standards, today. The dynamics in play are aggressive and intended to avoid landing on the reverse side of their owned power curve. Generational shifts of the thinkers are shorter than they have ever been, and competitiveness is sustained by innovating, then innovating again and again.


I liken this leading edge strategy, to watching a bumblebee take flight. The bumblebees wings move so rapidly, that air around their wings leads to a large-scale “leading edge vortex” that is generated on the upper side of the wing. “This creates swirls of air at the edge of a bee’s wing enabling the insect to angle its wing more sharply toward the sky, improving the flow of air over the wing”.  It’s this higher wing angle along with the leading edge vortex that gives this disproportionate designed body the capability to take flight and avoid stalling.

Today, like the bumblebee, aerospace is somewhat disproportionate to the rest of its body. Technology, culture and needs are moving so rapidly, it’s like the leading edge vortex and higher wing angle on the bumblebee that keeps it from stalling.

This contagious new trend is evident in companies like Bye Aerospace that’s leading an entirely new category of electric powered aircraft, “to become an ideal Flight Trainer with compelling economic and environmental benefits”. Also, Boom Supersonic  is designing “history’s first independently-developed supersonic jet for sustainable supersonic passenger travel”. The game keeps changing and the next generational culture promises to be more exhilarating than the biggest, fastest and scariest electromagnet roller coaster ever created.

As humans, we tend to be attracted to where the energy is. We are also the only species on this planet that can construct realities in our mind, then build it. We think and link what we think to things, then innovate, until what we think is realized into our desired outcomes.

This is an extraordinary and exciting time for the next generation of innovative aviation professionals with compelling relevant outcomes for aviation consumers.

Jay Shears is the founder of 2TAKEFLIGHT4U that connects the dots 4U to realize your desired outcomes using aviation technology, workshops and services.

2TAKEFLIGHT4U takes the time to understand your initiative. Then, offers a wide range of customizable aviation resources to deliver results 4U.